5 tricks for car Interior at home


Car Interior Detailing: In this news, we will tell you about those 5 ways with the help of which you will be able to do interior detailing of the car at home.

New Delhi. Car Interior Detailing: People in India consider their vehicles as a member of the household. Because of this, they also take great care of them. It has been seen many times that people even give names to their vehicles. These vehicles mainly consist of cars, bikes etc. So the people who love the car so much obviously spend a lot in its care. According to a report in 2019, people around the world have spent about $ 419 billion on car health. This expense has been made on the maintenance of the car to its accessories. But the way people’s income has decreased in the pandemic, we will tell you about 5 ways with the help of which you can give a great look to the interior of your car at home and avoid the recession to some extent.

Know 5 Brilliant Tricks

1. Take special care of the smell

The smell coming from your car can spoil the fun of your journey. So take care that the smell does not spread in the car. If the car smells due to smoking and alcohol etc., then use the air freshener available in the market for that. There are many air fresheners available in the market with the help of which you can make your car smell good. You can also use a charcoal sachet if you want as the charcoal will absorb the smell.

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2. Sanitize the seat belt

There is a fear of spreading bacteria due to eating something inside the car, to remove them, sanitize it properly. After sanitizing, wipe thoroughly with a micro-fabric cloth.

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3. Clean the seat thoroughly

If you eat something inside the car, then clean the seat properly after eating. Also, wash and apply the seat cover every week.

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4. Clean the car floor thoroughly

A lot of dust from slippers and shoes gets accumulated in the floor of the car. Because of this, wash and clean the floor of the car properly. Let us tell you that the floor of the car can be easily opened.

5. Take special care of the dash board of the car

Usually we clean the dust accumulated in the dashboard of the car with water and a brush. Due to this the dashboard is not cleaned properly. Use a cleaning gel to clean them thoroughly. Using this, they can be cleaned in a good way.

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