After seeing Anupamaa and Anuj dance People became crazy serial is trending on Twitter ps


Mumbai: The TV serial ‘Anupamaa’ remains everyone’s favorite show these days. That’s why it always tops the TRP charts as well. The makers are also leaving no stone unturned to keep the show number one among the audience. After divorce from ‘Vanraj’, ‘Anupama (New Entry In Anupamaa)’ is now seen in a different avatar. Meanwhile, there has been another explosive entry in the show. Due to which there has been panic among the audience. Not only this, Anupama remains in trend on social media as well.

Actually, in the recent episode, Anuj Kapadia’s entry has been made in Anupama. Actor Gaurav Khanna is playing this character in the show. Anuj Kapadia in the show is the man who is a businessman and is in love with Anupama from her college days and is still waiting for her. That is, Anuj Kapadia is waiting for Anupama for 25 years. Initially, the audience was confused about the pairing of Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly.

After watching the promo, the audience said that the pairing of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna will not look special, because Gaurav is looking younger than Rupali. But, after seeing the way Anupama danced with Anuj Kapadia at the reunion party, the audience is also surprised and now they are going crazy about when Anuj Kapadia will tell Anupama his heart and Anupama will share her heart. Will start a new life. See users’ comments-

In Friday’s episode, Anupama will be seen dancing with a bang with her college friends and Anuj Kapadia. Where, Vanraj and Kavya are also present. Both reach the same restaurant for a meeting, where Anupama’s college reunion takes place. Seeing Anupama and Anuj dancing together, Vanraj also gets jealous, seeing which the audience is getting quite entertained.

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