Anupamaa 20th dec Written update anupamaa confronts anuj

New Delhi: In ‘Anupama’, it was shown on Monday, 20th December (Anupamaa 20th Dec Written Update) that Anupama tells Anuj fiercely to hide his relationship with Malavika. Anupama reminds Anuj that both of them had promised to share everything with each other. Anuj tries to convince Anupama but Anupama realizes that Anuj doesn’t consider her important so she has to hide her relationship with Malavika.

It is further shown in ‘Anupama’ that Anupama tells Anuj that friendship teaches that one should share everything with each other because only friends come first in every situation when needed. Meanwhile, Malvika comes to call Anuj with her. Anupama feels lonely. Here, Kavya notices that Malvika is trying to get Vanraj’s attention and approach him. At the same time, GK apologizes to the Shah family for not telling about Malvika.

Paritosh tells GK that he feels something is wrong because Anuj had to hide his relationship with his own sister. GK gets tensed as the Shah family notices that Anuj’s behavior has changed with Malvika’s arrival. At the same time, Anupama gets disappointed as she was not told about Anuj’s sister. Later, Anuj enjoys partying with Malvika as the two meet each other after a long time.

Later Anuj leaves the party with Malvika. He tells Anupama to come with Samar after the party is over. Kavya tries to instigate Anupama that Anuj left her alone in the party and goes back with her sister who has come back to India after years. Anupama ignores Kavya.

Anupama tells Kavya that she should focus on her life as Vanraj is already very angry with her and is ready to divorce. Here, Paritosh and Leela feel bad for Anupama as they realize that Malvika will not like Anupama to be in Anuj’s house as Anuj and Anupama’s relationship is only of friendship.

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