Anupamaa 22nd Nov Update leela reaches at real face of kavya comes in front of everyone

New Delhi: In ‘Anupama’, it is shown on Monday, November 22 (Anupamaa 22nd Nov Written update) that Kavya takes advantage of the situation and tells Vanraj’s family that they never accepted her as a daughter-in-law. Anupama tries to interrupt but Kavya gets angry and tells Anupama to stay away from the family. Kavya constantly tells Vanraj’s family good and bad. Kavya blames Anupama for all this and for the unrest in the family.

Kavya also says that her and Anuj’s friendship spoiled all the relations in the house. Here, Hasmukh and Samar get emotional remembering the good days. Vanraj and Kavya fight fiercely and argue with each other. Vanraj tells Kavya that marrying a woman like him was his biggest mistake. At the same time, he also gets angry with Hasmukh for leaving the house. Hasmukh regrets his decision to come back.

Anupama tries to pacify everyone in the Shah House but fails. Vanraj has no control over his anger and blames Anupama for all the misunderstandings in the house. Vanraj tells everyone in the house that he is leaving the house with Kavya right now because he is upset with this everyday drama. Anupama realizes that Kavya will oppose leaving the house after Leela’s persuasion.

Here, Vanraj prepares to leave the house and asks Kavya to accompany him. Kavya shocks everyone by revealing that Shah House is hers and calls all the family members emotional flowers. Vanraj sees the property agreement and is shocked that Kavya has fooled everyone. Kavya laughs at the Shah family and tells how they have included everyone in their plan. Anupama says that Kavya has committed fraud and she will have to face the consequences.

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