Anupamaa fame Madalsa Sharma aka Kavya dances on Mall Accelerator on trending In Da Getto song video viral ps

Mumbai: Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter-in-law and TV actress Madalsa Sharma is in the headlines these days for the number one show ‘Anupamaa’ of the TV world. In ‘Anupama’, Madalsa is playing the role of Anupama’s sister ‘Kavya’. For which they sometimes have to listen a lot on social media. But, now Madalsa is in the headlines not because of her serial but for another reason.

Actually, Madalsa Sharma is very active on social media and often shares reels on trending topics. Now once again she is seen doing the same thing. Madalsa has shared a video of her on Instagram. In which she is seen dancing on the escalator in a packed mall.

In the video, Madalsa is showing dance moves on Instagram dominated In Da Getto. This trend is in discussion on Instagram these days. In which people are sharing their videos while dancing while shopping in the mall and now Madalsa is also seen following the same trend.

Her fans are showering love on this video of Madalsa. At the same time, some users are jokingly reminding him of Anupama’s Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) and Baa. At the same time, there are some people who are calling Madalsa for the respect of Mithun Chakraborty and asking him not to do so.

Madalsa is very active on her social networking site Instagram account and is always connected with her fans through this platform. Madalsa keeps sharing her pictures and videos here every day. Not only this, the pictures related to the show also do not forget to share Madalsa.

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