Apple Mixed Reality Headset Spotted in Concept Renders, Shows Familiar Design

Apple’s mixed reality headset has appeared in new concept renders by artist Ian Zelbo, giving enthusiasts an updated look at what the company’s rumoured headset could look like. The headset is tipped to feature support for both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with support for motion detection. The company’s mixed reality headset is also expected to work without a connected iPhone, according to recent reports. Despite several leaks suggesting the capabilities of the device, it is worth noting that Apple is yet to reveal any information about its plans for a wearable AR/ VR headset.

The new concept renders shared by Zelbo show the rumoured AR/ VR headset from three different angles. Zelbo has dubbed the headset “Apple View” but there is no indication that Apple intends to use the same name for its headset. This is not the first time that the mixed reality headset has been spotted featuring this design — sketches from The Information earlier this year showed the headset sporting a similar design. The design of the mixed reality headset renders appears to be inspired by the same illustrations, including the blue headband.

As previously mentioned, Apple is yet to announce any plans for AR and VR headsets in the coming year. However, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s mixed reality headset could arrive in 2022, and could sport micro-OLED displays. The headset could feature support for AR and VR, and could launch in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to Kuo.

While Apple’s mixed reality headset was previously believed to require a connected iPhone to operate, Kuo has previously stated that the AR headset could feature two powerful chips, allowing them to work independent of an iPhone. The first chip is expected to feature performance comparable to the M1 chipset on last year’s Mac, while the second chip is tipped to handle the sensors on the device.

The headset could come with support for micro-OLED displays and may feature powerful 3D sensors with gesture and motion detection, according to Kuo. While the price of the headset is expected to be high, Kuo suggests that Apple could replace the iPhone with AR in the next decade, and that the company would need to sell “at least one billon AR devices” to replace its popular smartphone in the next decade.


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