Arvind Trivedi Birth Anniversary he was not the first choice for the role of Ravan

MumbaiToday is the birth anniversary of late actor Arvind Trivedi, who became famous by playing the role of Ravana in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’. On this occasion, the close and fans of the actor are remembering him in their own way. Arvind Trivedi passed away last month. He was famous for playing the role of Ravana. Whenever the image of Ravana is conceived, his face comes in front of people’s eyes. Such was the influence of people’s favorite star Arvind Trivedi. But, do you know that for the role of Ravana, he was not the first choice.

Along with the fans of the actor, all the celebs believe that no one has been able to play the role of Ravana better than Arvind Trivedi. But, this role was earlier offered to the famous actor Amrish Puri. According to media reports, the team of TV serial ‘Ramayana’ first wanted to give the role of Ravana to Amrish Puri, but in the end Arvind Trivedi got this role.

Arvind told in an interview to BBC that when he was associated with Gujarati theatre, he came to know that Ramanand Sagar was auditioning for his serial ‘Ramayana’. He immediately left for Mumbai from Gujarat. He had reached Mumbai with the intention of playing the role of a boatman in the serial.

The actor had told that everyone wanted to cast Amrish Puri for the role of Ravana. In the audition, I played the role of a boatman, but when I started leaving, Ramanand Sagar noticed my gait and mood and said – ‘I have found my Ravana’.

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Arvind Trivedi has worked in about 300 films of Bollywood and Gujarati cinema. He was also featured in the show ‘Vikram Aur Betaal’. Arvind Trivedi also acted in the famous Gujarati film ‘Desh Re Zoya Dada Pardesh Zoya’.

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