Monday, August 2, 2021

Asha Bhosle said Neena Gupta’s boyfriend a copy of Nana Patekar’s

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MumbaiThe incident of casting couch is often heard in Bollywood and TV industry. Many actresses have become victims of this incident. Although many actresses openly speak on the casting couch and also keep telling about the traumatic incident that happened to them. Recently, actress Neena Gupta has launched autobiography ‘Sach Kahun To’. Neena Gupta is excited about it. In this autobiography, apart from his film career, he has made many revelations related to personal life. The name of Nina’s autobiography is to be honest and now a big disclosure has been made through it. Fans are saluting Nina for revealing the bitter truth of her life in her book.

In this book, Neena has also mentioned her relationship with boyfriend and famous West Indies cricketer Viv Richards. Amidst all this, a throwback video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. In which veteran singer Asha Bhosle tells Neena Gupta’s boyfriend Viv Richards to look like Nana Patekar. However, Neena does not agree with Asha Bhosle. This throwback video has been shared by WildFilmsIndia on its YouTube channel. In the video, Asha Bhosle is seen sitting in a Bollywood event. Other film personalities are appearing with him. After this, in the video, Neena Gupta is seen entering the event with Viv Richards. During this she meets all the people present there and then goes and sits next to Asha Bhosle.

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After this, Asha Bhosle tells Viv Richards to look like Nana Patekar. In the video, Neena Gupta tells Viv Richards, ‘We have an actor here, she is saying that you look like her. I said, ‘No, no, he looks better.’ In the video when Viv Richards asked which actor Asha was talking about, Neena mentioned Nana Patekar’s name.

In the video, Asha Bhosle asks Neena Gupta if Viv Richards has met Nana Patekar? On this, Neena Gupta says that no, she has not met. Neena Gupta and Viv Richards were joined by Asha Bhosle in the talk video, where Asha presented a cassette of an album and the trio posed for the media. It is worth mentioning that Neena Gupta recently had a conversation with actress Sonali Bendre about her autobiography. In this conversation, Neena Gupta told Sonali Bendre about her decision not to get married after getting pregnant.

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Talking about her decision, Neena said, ‘I was very proud of myself. I said at that time that I will not get married just because I want a name, because I will get money. I was also asked to marry a gay man during that time. I was proposed by my friend that your child will get a name and you can do whatever you want. At that time I had clearly said that I will never marry just for money and name.

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