Bad news for fans of Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel told when


Mumbai: The next film of the superhit Hollywood film Fast and Furious franchise is going to be released soon. F9 will be released at the end of this month, so the audience is also very excited. The next movie of the franchise is scheduled to release on June 25. But, along with this good news there is also a bad news related to this superhit action-thriller Street Racing Saga franchise and that the franchise is going to end soon. This has also been announced by Vin Diesel. The actor recently revealed that the long-running franchise’s F9 will be followed by two more films and no movies from the franchise after that.

According to Fox News, Vin Diesel has revealed this in a recent interview and told that Universal Pictures wants to do this franchise after two more films. The actor said that the last two films of the Fast and Furious franchise could potentially release in 2023 and 2024 and after that the franchise will have The End.

During a press conference held for F9, Vin said – ‘Every story has an end.’ Along with this, he also told that even though the franchise will be closed, the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe will continue. Vin Diesel also told his family’s reaction to the end of the franchise. He said that when he informed his daughter about this, she became very emotional and started crying.

(Photo Credits: Instagram: @vindiesel)

Vin further said, ‘I know that people do not want this to end, everyone will say that it should not end, but I think it is necessary. There is a reason for every finale and the franchise also deserves it. Let us tell you, Vin Diesel is associated with this franchise’s first film Fast and Furious. Since the film, he has been seen in the role of Dominic Toretto in its different films. All the parts of the film have been super hit. Especially the last two films of this franchise have earned more than 1 billion US dollars.

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