Bigg boss 15 karan kundrra possessive to tejasswi prakash social media users called kabir singh ranj

Bigg Boss 15: Fans are discussing not only about the relationship of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Karan Kundra and Tejaswi Prakash, but also in a press conference held at home recently. Questions were asked about People are doing different things about their relationship on social media. Meanwhile, it seems that in the coming episodes, there will be a rift in their relationship and it has already started. While till now the audience was getting to see a lot of love between Karan and Tejashwi, now a lot of fights are being seen between the two. The most interesting thing is that the reason for the increasing distance between the two is Vishal Kotian.

Karan-Tejashwi fight
In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Tejasswi Prakash tells Karan Kundra that she and Vishal are just friends and she cannot keep distance from him. On this Karan says, “Teja, listen to others too”. Actually, when Vishal Kotian helps Tejashwi in working out, Karan gets upset because of this. There is an argument between Karan and Tejashwi in the bathroom area. Tejashwi tells Karan that you are feeling insecure. Karan gets furious on this matter. It seems from Karan’s words that he is adopting a more positive attitude towards Tejashwi.

Social media users got a glimpse of ‘Kabir Singh’ in Karan
On this tip-off of Karan and Tejashwi, social media users got the spices sitting. Users compared the relationship between the two to the film ‘Kabir Singh’. It is worth noting that Shahid Kapoor’s character in the film ‘Kabir Singh’ is excessively loyal towards Kiara Advani. Now in the eyes of many social media users, Karan Kundra has become ‘Kabir Singh’ in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. People are making funny comments by sharing pictures of Karan and Tejashwi.

Memes are becoming fiercely viral on Karan Kundrra (Photo courtesy Twitter/@

The song of the film ‘Kabir Singh’ is also playing in the background of the viral video of Karan and Tejashwi on social media.

Although later, Karan came to Tejashwi and resolved the matter, but the relationship between the two has definitely soured. What will be the turning point in Tejashwi and Karan’s relationship in the coming episodes? The fans of Bigg Boss are very excited to see this.

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