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‘big In the latest episode of ‘Boss 15’, there was a contest between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashmi Desai in the final task of ‘Ticket to Finale’. Both gave a strong competition to each other by performing well in this task. Rashmi and Devoleena were given the task of standing on the pole by Bigg Boss. Both the contestants had to stand on the pole continuously and the other family members had to make efforts to take them down. Along with this, Bigg Boss also said that no one can forcefully pull him off the pole.

Standing continuously for more than 15 hours

Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee have stood on the pole for a record long time. During this, Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal were constantly encouraging their friend. With the help of rest of the contestant powder, oil, water, spices and other things, Rashmi-Devolina tried hard to get rid of the pole. But both the contestants did not budge. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss said that both of you have been doing it with great courage for 15 consecutive hours, but at the same time it is in your hands to take care of your health, but Rashmi and Rashmi are also aware of this matter of Bigg Boss. Devoleena was not affected.

standing toilet

It was difficult to stand without a toilet for so many hours. During the task, Devoleena asked Prateek Sahajpal to pour water on him as he has to go to the washroom. She will do the toilet while standing, so that the smell does not come. After this Prateek throws water on Devoleena.

Bigg Boss made the task more difficult

The other contestants are constantly trying to break the courage of Rashmi and Devalina, but both stand holding the pole with strong intentions. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss again announces that now the task will be made more difficult. Bigg Boss says that Rashmi and Devoleena should take off their shoes without anyone’s help. At the same time, it is also said that now no one will help both.

In the end Rashmi won

After this announcement of Bigg Boss, both stand barefoot on the pole. In the final round of the task, Nishant, Karan, Shamita Shetty and Umar Riaz target Devoleena. During this, Nishant throws water on Devoleena’s feet vigorously, due to which she falls from the pole. In this way Rashmi wins the task. Meanwhile, there is also a violent fight between Umar and Prateek, on which Bigg Boss warns Umar.

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