Bigg Boss 15: Raqesh bapat has now given himself the reason for coming out of the house suddenly, raqesh bapat pens note after bigg boss 15 exit news in hindi

Bigg Boss 15: Rakesh Bapat has now given himself the reason for coming out of the house suddenly

reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’ In this, Rakesh Bapat took entry as a wild card contestant, but he suddenly left the show within a few days. During this there were speculations that his health was not well and would return in a few days. However, now Rakesh himself has given the reason for leaving the show.

Rakesh Bapat has shared a long post on Instagram. He wrote- ‘To my family, I call all of you family, because this relationship between you and me is really from the heart! I feel blessed to have you all in my life. Grateful for sending me prayers, blessings, well wishes and lots of positivity.’

Rakesh further wrote- ‘Sometimes life brings many changes at critical junctures and this has been my case. Your love pulled me back into the Bigg Boss house, but the stay was short-lived due to health issues. A health problem of 5 years ago turned painful. I am much better and healthier now. You all have rightly said that health comes first. This journey has created a special bond of mine which has become priceless, which you have lovingly named as “ShaRa”.’

Rakesh wrote- ‘We feel proud to have all of you in our lives and positivity is very important for us. So keep the positivity flowing. Remember, if it was not for my health, I would have entertained you inside the house. I didn’t want to leave without saying bye properly, but I didn’t know the pain would cause me to say goodbye. All I can say is that our relationship continues for a lifetime. I am looking forward to be back on my feet soon to entertain you all.

It is worth noting that Rakesh and Shamita Shetty came close to each other in Bigg Boss OTT. They had also stamped accepting their relationship on social media. In such a situation, when he reached Bigg Boss 15, his fans were very happy to see both of them together.

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