Bigg Boss 15 Salman Khan lashesout at Tejashwi Prakash said why are you playing sympathi card ss

In Bigg Boss 15, once again on the weekend, Salman Khan will be seen singing in the house. Salman is going to be seen expressing displeasure over Tejashwi Prakash, who has been in the limelight this whole week. Making serious allegations against Shamita Shetty, doubting boyfriend Karan Kundra, getting aggressive with Pratik Sehajpal in the task and speaking against the channel, Salman will be seen playing Tejashwi’s band today.

‘Someone makes a hole in the plate we eat’
A promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 has recently been shared by the channel. According to the promo, Salman Khan tells Tejashwi Prakash that she is cursing this channel, which shows that she is unfaithful. They said, ‘Do we make any hole in the plate we eat?’

When Salman told Tejashwi SHUT UP
Actually, Tejashwi had accused the channel of being biased towards Shamita Shetty. Salman asks them why are you playing sympathi cards? In response, Tejashwi said angrily that he does not want sympathy from anyone. Salman Khan asked him to keep quiet by saying, ‘Shut up Tejashwi.’ Salman Khan did not stop here and further told Tejashwi that she does not even respect her boyfriend Karan Kundra.

Gauhar Khan will be special guest this weekend
At the same time, an emergency screening test is run inside the house, while the contestants ask if it is something serious. Gauahar Khan will also be seen as a special guest inside the house in Weekend Ka Vaar. She will perform a task, in which the contestants will be placed on the podium according to the ranking. Tejasswi Prakash stands beside Nishant and fights with Gauahar in front of him. Gauahar tells Nishant to keep quiet but he persists and Tejashwi tells him that he has no identity of his own and should ‘shut up’ as Gauahar also wants the same.

Salman Khan will have a strong war
After watching this promo of the show, it is clear that Salman Khan is going to have a tough fight in Saturday’s episode. On these questions of Salman Khan, how does Tejashwi prove herself right in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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