Bigg Boss 15 Salman Khan To Ieshaan Sehgaal Your Reputation is at Stake Because of Meisha Iyer ps – BB-15: Salman Khan warns Ishaan, says

Mumbai: In Bigg Boss 15, like other seasons of the show, different angles are being seen between the contestants. Some are in discussion about their fights and some because of love angle. The love angle of Bigg Boss 15 contestants Ishaan Sehgaal and Mysha Iyer is also very much discussed. Even in this Weekend Ka Vaar host Salman Khan was also seen discussing about it. In the last episode, Salman Khan was also seen giving special advice regarding this matter to Ishaan Sehgal and Maisha Iyer.

Salman Khan talks about the fight between Ishaan Sehgal and Rajiv Adatiya. He began by addressing Maesha Iyer, who has been in the limelight for her growing closeness with Ishaan. Questioning his intentions, Salman asked Maisha, “Are you worried about Ishaan’s image?”

Salman Khan further says- ‘You are worried about Ishaan’s honor all the time and then both of you yourself talk about Ishaan’s old life. Rajeev Adatiya always talks as a friend, but Maisha you try to know as much as possible. Rajiv’s issue has come because of you, not him. ‘

To this, Ishaan says that he knows that Rajiv’s intentions are not wrong. To which Salman says, it is not Rajiv, not Maisha, who started it. After this, Salman Khan while talking to Ishaan Sehgal says- ‘If you think that Rajeev should not have started those things, don’t you think Maisha should not tell you about your life outside the house’ Was.’

Not only this, Salman Khan also tells Maesha and Ishaan to focus on the game. Rajiv feels very relaxed on this and thanks Salman for clarifying this. Maisha and Ishaan have become a topic of discussion ever since they entered the Bigg Boss 15 house. During a conversation last week, Maisha was seen asking Ishaan if he is ‘bisexual’? At the same time, she was also seen asking him if he could get to hear anything else after going out of the house.

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