Bigg boss 15 shamita shetty offer sandal to miesha iyer after task

Mumbai. In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Shamita Shetty had to spoil Maisha Iyer’s sandals during the task ‘Dangerous Dangal in Jungle’. She is saddened after destroying Maesha’s sandals in the task and she apologizes to Maesha for her actions and assures her that Prateek Sahajpal did not know about it. Mysha Iyer gets emotional and tells Prateek that she knows she has no one outside, who will send her essentials inside the house.

Prateek apologizes to Maysha and hugs her. Shamita also hugs Maisha and says that she will make up for it. When Maesha leaves for her cooking duty, Shamita Shetty asks Pratik Sehajpal why Maesha said that she has no one to send her stuff. Prateek tells that Maisha’s parents are not in this world. This makes Shamita emotional and starts crying. Symbols comfort them. Shamita asks Prateek to immediately call Maisha to the main house.

When Prateek calls Maisha, she says that she is kneading the dough. Prateek requests him to go inside and complete his duty. Shamita Shetty once again apologizes to Maisha and hugs her. She takes out two pairs of sandals and asks Maisha to choose the one she likes. Maisha refuses but Shamita says, “There is no option, take whatever you want.”

Mysha Iyer says that she is not allowed to take anything from her as she is a ‘Junglewasi’. Shamita says that she has kept the sandals in her box and she can take them whenever she wants. Maisha tells Shamita that her sandals were not as expensive as hers. Shamita asks him not to think about it and says, “I am keeping it in the box.”

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