Bigg Boss 15 Tejasswi Prakash hard hitting answers to Rajiv Adatia on her issues with Shamita Shetty ps

Mumbai: Before the finale of Bigg Boss 15, the makers have given a big blow to the family members. By giving entry to Rajiv Adatia in the house, where Bigg Boss made some family members happy, some were also surprised. With the sudden entry of Rajiv in the show, the game of Bigg Boss 15 seems to be turning upside down once again. The special thing is that Rajiv has entered the house as a ring master, who will be seen making the family members dance at his behest. Meanwhile, there is a lot of discussion about Rajiv Adatia’s conversation with Tejasswi Prakash.

Actually, Tejashwi Prakash and Shamita Shetty do not get along with each other since the beginning of the show. Many times both of them have also been seen fighting with each other over small things. Recently, there was a fierce debate between the two regarding Karan Kundra. Many times Tejashwi Prakash was also seen positive about Karan. Now, recently when Rajiv Adatia took entry in the house, he also talked to Tejashwi about his problem with Shamita.

On coming to the house, Rajiv was seen saying that Tejashwi has a problem with Shamita, due to which he does not understand. After which Rajiv sits down with Tejashwi and starts discussing the problem between him and Shamita. When Rajiv questions Tejashwi and then answers himself, in the meantime Tejashwi remains very calm.

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At the end of Rajiv’s talk, Tejashwi says that she no longer trusts Shamita. Not only this, she also calls Shamita a liar. According to Tejashwi, he did not like the way he treated Rakhi while being the captain in Ticket to Finale. Seeing this cool avatar of Tejashwi, now the fans are not able to live without praising him.

This avatar of Tejashwi is being discussed fiercely on Twitter. Fans of the actress are praising her by tweeting and advising her to maintain this attitude even further. However, many have also expressed displeasure over Tejashwi’s behavior in the last few days. According to the users, Tejashwi’s behavior was not good at all in the past, nor did he understand anyone’s point.

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