Bigg Boss OTT akshara singh and milind gaba evicted, karan johar scolds divya and akshara singh | Two contestants evicted from Bigg Boss OTT, Karan Johar got angry with this man

New Delhi: When the most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ of the small screen came on OTT, the craziness and intensity started crossing their limits. Makers also started showing those scenes which were censored on TV. This time the show saw closeness between many contestants and one of such couples was Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. Apart from this, fighting and fighting are also at its peak. Also, two contestants have been shown the way out of the house on the previous day.

two contestants out of the house

The pair of Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh and singer Milind Gaba has been evicted. Like every week, there were evictions on Sunday, in which both of them came to the fore. Let us tell you, Akshara Singh, Milind Gaba and Divya Agarwal were eliminated. In such a situation, Karan Johar, while giving the verdict of the public, told that the journey of Milind Gaba and Akshara Singh is over. Just before this, Karan Johar reprimanded Akshara Singh and Divya Agarwal. This step was taken because of the comment made on Neha. Let me tell you, there is a dispute between Neha and Akshara regarding the symbol for a long time.

Akshara had said strange things

Akshara Singh has also given strange statements on the closeness of Neha and Prateek. Divya did not stop Akshara from saying anything about this, even though she is his friend. Because of this, Karan Johar reprimanded him too. On the other hand, there was also a dispute between Shamita Shetty and Nishant on the previous day. Both were seen fighting with each other over the task. Shamita did not do the task, due to which Nishant was seen furious at her. In such a situation, Shamita says that the task was given because of Divya’s mistake, due to which she did not.

misunderstanding balloons burst

Like every weekend, Karan Johar asked the contestants to burst balloons of each other’s misunderstandings. Karan asked everyone to blow the balloons of others’ misunderstandings one by one. In such a situation, let us tell you, who burst the balloons of whose misunderstanding.

Nishant Neha, Prateek
Moose: Nishant, Divya
Rakesh: Shamita and Akshara. Along with this, Rakesh also burst his own balloon.
Shamita: Nishant, Akshara
Neha: Akshara, Gaba, Divya, Moose and Nishant. Along with this, Neha also burst her own balloon.
Symbols: Nishant, Moose, Neha, Akshara and Divya
Divya Nishant, Moose, Neha, Prateek
Milind Gaba: Prateek, Neha,
Akshara: Rakesh, Shamita, Neha Bhasin, Prateek

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