Birth anniversary ajit khan was one of the popular villains of bollywood pr

famous villains of bollywood Ajit Khan He was known for his unique dialogue delivery. Born on 27 January 1922 in Hyderabad, Ajit’s real name was Hamid Ali Khan. To work in the film industry, he had changed his name to Ajit. Ajit, who worked in more than 200 films, got his real identity from the film ‘Kalicharan’. When Ajit uttered his famous dialogue ‘The whole city knows me as a lion’ on the screen, the people of Ajit’s excellent dialogue delivery were admired. Ajit Khan was such a villain of Hindi cinema who many times overshadowed the hero of the film in acting. Today, on his birth anniversary, let us tell that Ajit’s real life was also no less than a film story.

Ajit is remembered for his dialogues
Two more dialogues of Ajit Khan, which people are often seen repeating even today, are ‘Lily Don’t Be Silly’ and ‘Mona Darling’. These dialogues used to fit only on Ajit’s voice. Had Ajit not come to Mumbai after running away from home in his childhood, then perhaps Hindi cinema would not have got a veteran artist. Ajit was passionate about acting since childhood, cherishing the dream of becoming an actor. It is said that Ajit even sold his books to fulfill his dream.

ajit khan, birth anniversary

Ajit Khan came to Mumbai to become a hero.

Ajit ran away from home to become a Mumbai hero.

Ajit ran away from home and came to Mayanagari, but there was neither a place to live nor a place to eat. In such a situation, he made his hide in cement pipes to hide his head. But trouble did not leave the chase even here. According to media reports, local goons used to extort a week from the people living in the pipe. They used to beat up for not giving money. One day Ajit beat the goons and became a hero for the people living there.

ajit khan, birth anniversary

Ajit came to Mumbai to become a hero after running away from home.

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In fact, Ajit never wanted to become a villain on the film screen, he only dreamed of becoming a hero. Ajit also worked as a hero in some films in the initial period but did not get success and became famous when he landed in the role of villain. Ajit immortalized his characters in Hindi cinema forever with his brilliant acting. Ajit’s personality was such that if he came on the screen, he would have dominated. Ajit, who did a great job in films like Naya Daur, Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Nastik, Kalicharan, said goodbye to the world on 22 October 1998.

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