Birthday special nafisa ali wanted to do a film with rishi kapoor the dream remained incomplete because of her father an

Happy Birthday Nafisa Ali: Nafisa Ali has worked in films with all the big stars like Amitabh Bachchan. Today’s generation knows her because of playing the role of a loving woman in the film ‘Life in a Metro’. Today on January 18, Nafisa Ali is celebrating her birthday (Nafisa Ali Birthday). Come, know some interesting stories related to his film journey.

Nafisa Ali made her film debut in 1978 with Shyam Benegal’s film Junoon. But, Nafisa’s first film would have been with Rishi Kapoor, had she not listened to her father. According to media reports, when Rishi Kapoor saw Nafisa’s photo in a newspaper, he told his father Raj Kapoor about her. They wanted to cast Nafisa in the film ‘Hina’.

When it was difficult to work with Rishi Kapoor
Nafisa Ali’s father did not want his daughter to work in films. However, later he made his debut with the film ‘Junoon’. Nasir Hussain had signed a contract for 2 films with Nafisa, in which Rishi Kapoor was cast opposite him. This time too, Nafisa’s father had a problem. He also put some of his conditions with the contract.

Apart from being an actress, Nafisa Ali was also a sportsperson. (Instagram/nafisaalisodhi)

Nafisa Ali regrets obeying her father
Nafisa regretted that she obeyed her father here. In an interview given to Femina, the actress had said, ‘I regret listening to my father. I should never have listened to him about my journey in cinema. Cinema is very powerful, exciting. You can do whatever you want.

Apart from being an actress and model, Nafisa has also been a sportsperson.
You will be surprised to know that Nafisa Ali was not only an actress and model, she was also a sportsperson. According to media reports, she has been the swimming champion from 1972 to 1974. The actress had told in an interview to Femina that people used to call her ‘sizzling water baby’. Nafisa won the Miss India crown in 1976. She was also the runner up of Miss International Pijet.

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