BMW Motorrad debuts Concept CE 02 urban e-bike | BMW introduced CE02 electric mini bike, Volkswagen will launch electric vehicle in the Indian market in 2025-26


BMW Motorrad debuts Concept CE 02 urban e-bike

New Delhi. Germany’s leading luxury car maker BMW Group has introduced its CE 02 concept electric mini-bike. As reported by The Verge, the CE 02 has an 11kilometer belt-drive motor, which should help the bike reach a top speed of around 90 kmph (about 56 mph). BMW is not sharing the battery capacity, but claims that the CE 02 can go for around 90 kms on a full charge.

The mini bike comes with an attractive design. It is available with an LED headlight and LCD instrument console. The wheel size is 15 inches and the weight of the bike is 120 kg. The BMW CE 02 is a concept electric scooter and it is not clear whether the vehicle will go into production.

Earlier, the company had launched the production version of its iNext concept electric vehicle, the IXX Drive50, in the US. BMW IX is built to offer something beyond mere mobility that will provide an exciting driving experience along with a sense of well-being for both drivers and passengers while enjoying the journey with safety, security and luxury.

The iX X Drive50 brings together the company’s latest developments in design, sustainability, connectivity, electrification and digital services. The expertise accumulated over many years by the BMW Group in the area of ​​sustainability has been incorporated into the creation of the BMW iX xDrive 50.

Volkswagen plans to launch electric vehicles in the Indian market in 2025-26

German passenger car company Volkswagen plans to launch electric vehicles (EVs) in the Indian market in 2025-26. Volkswagen Passenger Cars India Ltd. Ashirsh Gupta, Director (Brands) of the company said that the company is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the western markets. At present, the market share of such vehicles in India is only 0.5 per cent. He said the company expects the market share of electric vehicles in India to grow to more than five per cent by 2025-26.

When asked about the impact of the Kovid-19 pandemic on the car industry, he said that the year 2020 has been very sluggish. But it picked up pace from October onwards. It increased by 45 percent during January-March in the current year.

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