Bollywood actress Katrina kaif charges crores for one movie know about her net worth ranj

Katrina Kaif The film ‘Sooryavanshi’ is making tremendous money at the box office at the moment. Kat is currently one of the top heroines of Bollywood. He has achieved this position through years of hard work. Many Bollywood heroes also seem pale in front of their stardom. Katrina has worked with most of the big producers in her film career so far. Katrina makes crores of rupees for a film. You will surely be stunned to know his net worth.

In the year 2003, Katrina Kaif started her career with the film ‘Boom’. In this film, she gave very glamorous scenes, but still the film was a flop at the box. With the 2004 film ‘Sarkar’, she proved that she is not only made for glamorous scenes, but she can also do excellent acting. Till now she has done around 40 films, in which many films have been super duper hits. According to reports, at this time Katrina charges around Rs 11 crore for a film.

Katrina earns a lot from advertisements

Not only does Katrina take crores of rupees for films, but she also earns from advertisements. It is said that Kat takes 6 to 7 crores to endorse any one brand. At present his net worth is Rs 224 crores.

Katrina Kaif has given many hits in her career (Photo Credits Instagram/@katrinakaif)

Even after being the mistress of crores, she lives in a rented house

Anyone who lives in Mumbai dreams of having a house of his own in Mayanagari. Katrina earns in crores but still she lives in a rented house. CAT pays lakhs of rupees every month for this.

For some time now there has been such discussion that Katrina Kaif Soon the actor is going to settle down with Vicky Kaushal. It is expected that by the end of the year, Katrina Kaif will become Vicky’s bride. Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of their wedding date.

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