Chanakya Niti These Things Can Create Rift In Strong Friendship You May Have To Lose Friend Chanakya Neeti

Respect is very important even in the relationship of friendship. When there is a lack of respect in friendship, then friendship starts to weaken.

The great intellectual Acharya Chanakya is famous all over the world for his policies. Chanakya ji was considered a very intelligent strategist. He destroyed the Nanda dynasty on the strength of his policies and made a simple child Chandragupta Maurya the emperor of Magadha. Acharya Chanakya had also composed a Niti Shastra thousands of years ago, in which he has mentioned things related to social welfare. Chanakya Niti, composed thousands of years ago, is considered relevant even in today’s time.

Acharya Chanakya has shared some thoughts about friendship in his ethics. According to Chanakya, there are some such things, which can create a rift in even a deep and firm friendship. Acharya Chanakya said, ‘Greed is the cause of sorrows because in greed a person becomes selfish.’

in your statement Acharya Chanakya He has told many things, which break even the deepest friendship. Chanakya ji, popularly known as Kautilya, believed that every relationship has its own limits, whether it is a husband-wife relationship, or love. Even in the relationship of friendship, there is a limit. However, when people forget their dignity in any relationship, then that relationship breaks down due to this.

Chanakya ji It is said that even in the relationship of friendship, respect is very important. When there is a lack of respect in friendship, then friendship starts to weaken. Therefore, one should never let greed come in the midst of friendship. Because greed can shake the foundation of any relationship.

The greedy person becomes selfish and does not see anyone other than himself. That’s why most people do not like to be friends with selfish and greedy people. Because lies never have any place in friendship. Chanakya ji believes that the foundation of friendship always rests on trust. The relationship in which there is no trust, that relationship becomes weak.


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