Controversy | The matter heated up on the statement of Javed Akhtar who compared Taliban and RSS, after BJP, Shiv Sena targeted

MumbaiBollywood actor Javed Akhtar is very active on social media. He is known for his outspoken style. Javed always remains in the headlines due to the posts of his own social media account, or sometimes because of his statements. Javed is seen expressing his opinion openly on every social and political issue.

Recently Javed Akhtar has compared the Taliban to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Javed has said that the mentality of those who support RSS is also like Tabilani. At the same time, the actor also said that those who support the RSS should do self-examination. While giving an interview to an English news channel recently, Javed said that- ‘Organizations like RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are like Taliban. The Constitution of India is becoming a hindrance in their way. If they get a little chance, they will not hesitate to cross the limit.

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After this statement of Javed Akhtar, now Shivsena has also flared up after BJP. The editorial of Saamana has replied to Javed Actor. Javed Akhtar had argued that- ‘Those who support organizations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, they need to introspect. Such people are of Taliban medieval mentality. There is no point in this. They are barbarians, rioters. There is no difference between those you are supporting and Talibani. Infact by doing this you are only making the Talibani mentality stronger. You too are on the same path. He and his mindset are the same.

Javed Akhtar had further said that- ‘Whether it is Muslim Right Wing, Christian Right Wing or Hindu Right Wing, it is the same mentality all over the world. The Taliban are going to form an Islamic state and these people are preparing to form a Hindu nation. Also, these people want that no boy and girl should be lost in the park together. The only difference at the moment is that these people are not that powerful. But their motive is similar to that of the Taliban.

In such a situation, now Samaan wrote – ‘In our country, nowadays anyone is calling anyone Talibani. The Talibani regime of Afghanistan means the biggest threat to society and mankind. In such a situation, countries like China and Pakistan have supported the Taliban regime. Because in these two countries there is no value of human rights, democracy, individual liberty. The mentality of our India is not looking like that.

He further wrote- ‘Extremely tolerant in every way. Some people may be trying to bring dictatorship under the guise of democracy, yet they have their limits. Hence it is not fair to compare Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh with Taliban. Simultaneously, Saamna wrote – Javed Akhtar has always been known for his outspoken statements. They have attacked the policy of the country. Javed Akhtar has torn the masks of those fanatics on every occasion when fanatic, anti-national distortions came on the rise in the country. He sang ‘Vande Mataram’ without caring about the fanatics. Yet we do not accept the comparison of the Sangh with the Taliban.

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