Do ghosts also live with the President in the White House, White House Ghost Story In Hindi, America Horror Story


White House Ghost Story In Hindi: Why the White House of America is looked upon with fear by the people there. The stories related to which are illusions or the truth, it has not been confirmed yet.

New Delhi. White House Ghost Story: America, the country with the world’s largest economy, is given the treaty of the world’s most powerful country. The reason behind America being powerful can be considered to be the most expensive international currency and the most powerful military there. Now it is obvious that the security of the residence of the President of such a powerful country will also be very tight. This presidential residence is called the White House. But there are also some confusions associated with this White House. On which there is much difference of opinion. Some people in America think that the White House is also the abode of spirits along with the President.

Some people have claimed that they have seen some frightening shadows roaming around the White House building. He says that the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of America, is still wandering here. Who was shot and killed in 1865. Even a few days after his death, people unknowingly saw Sai roaming there.

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There is also a story behind the White House being called ghostly that once Queen Whilmina of the Netherlands once stayed here, when someone knocked on the door of her room during the night. And upon opening the door, he realized that President Abraham Lincoln was standing there.

Apart from this, some people believe that the soul of John Adams, the second President of America, has not found peace and he still wanders in the White House. Significantly, John Adams made an essential contribution to America’s freedom struggle. Due to the gait and dress of this visible spirit, people think it is the soul of John Adams.

However, these different arguments made by the people there have not yet found any strong support.


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