Dreams and Vedic texts

There are three stages of human life – waking, dream and sleep.

Shastri Kosalendradas

There are three stages of human life – waking, dream and sleep. One who is in the state of consciousness is awake. One who is in deep sleep is the state of sleep. When a person is asleep but his mind is moving, it is said to be a dream state. In the Shiva Sankalpa Sukta of Yajurveda, it is important in the prayer made from the mind that there it is asked to think beneficial thoughts from the mind in both the waking and sleeping states. Just as the mind of a waking person wanders far and wide, so does the mind of a sleeping person. In this way, the mind that goes far and wide is also described as the ultimate light.

good and bad dreams

In Vedic literature, dreams are related to luck or misfortune. Good and bad dreams are mentioned in Ramayana-Mahabharata, Atharvan-Parishisht (Swapnadhyaya), Brihadyogyatra, Puranas (Vayu, Matsya, Vishnudharmottara, Bhavishya, Brahmavaivarta etc.). Jagadguru Shankaracharya has said in his commentary on Brahmasutra (3/4/2) in Vedanta philosophy that the readers of the dream chapter declare that it is auspicious to see oneself mounted on an elephant and to see oneself sitting on a vehicle pulled by donkeys. is inauspicious. Panini has given a grammatical derivation of the word dream.

In the Sandhya-Adhikaran of the Brahmasutra, the truth of the knowledge acquired in the dream has been considered. Jagadguru Ramanujacharya believes that due to the experience of happiness and sorrow by the conscious even during the dream period, the dream objects for it are true. Those things are created by God Himself. It appears that among the ancient writers, only a few people like Angira say so – planetary motions, dreams, instruments (eye twitching etc.), catastrophe produce some fruit by chance; Wise people are not afraid of them.

dream in ramayana

In the Sundarkand of Ramayana composed by Maharishi Valmiki, Trijata Rakshasi has mentioned many dreams, which indicate the destruction of demons and auspicious signs for Shri Ram. Those nightmares were like this – Ravana’s head is glazed; He drank the oil from which he had taken a bath. He was wearing a red vest, was intoxicated, Karveer was wearing a garland of flowers. He fell to the earth from the Pushpak vimana and was sitting in a chariot pulled by donkeys. After this, when Mother Sita sees Ramdoot Hanuman on the Ashoka tree, she is frightened to see the monkey and starts fearing an accident in her mind. She says – I have seen this distorted dream today because according to the scriptures, a monkey should not be seen in the dream, but I am seeing this monkey, so there should be no harm to Shri Ram, Lakshmana and my father Maharaj Janak, they should be blessed.

good and bad dreams

In many texts, there is a law to recite peace in case of bad dreams. On the other hand, according to Mahabharata, if a person keeps having nightmares, then he should regularly recite Vishnu-Sahasranama-Stotra. It is to be noted that in case of bad dreams, a person should take a bath early in the morning because even the dream makes a person commit misdeeds.

Later, the scholars of astrology did many researches about dreams. He produced independent texts such as Swapnashastra and derived many results from it. The result of all the research has been that due to sattvik thoughts, man gets happiness not only in the waking state but also in the dream state. Due to the contemplation of immoral thoughts and their use, a person suffers from problems like sleep deprivation in sleep, which Ayurveda has accepted as a disease.

good life for good dreams

All the scriptures have revealed the essence that when the conduct and thoughts are refined, then the way of life becomes pure and pure. By visiting holy pilgrimages, following scriptures and living in a group of good people, the life of a person improves and he gets good dreams.

dreams in all cultures

In all ancient countries and peoples, there has been a belief in dreams and curiosity has been found about their analysis. Chaldean astrologers and dream-analysts were held with great respect in the courts of Babylon and Assyria. The best Greek philosopher Plato considered dreams to be important physical and mental symptoms, he also gave supernatural basis to some dreams and explained in his book Timaeus (chapters 46 and 47) that dreams are future visions, which can be classified as low grade. Souls receive. In the Bhakti tradition of India, Godamba in the far south and Meera in Mewar have been married in a dream to Lord Krishna, due to which their devotion remains the center of reverence and devotion even today.

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