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Sunkashti Chaturthi is a famous festival of Hindus.

Poonam Negi

Sunkashti Chaturthi is a famous festival of Hindus. The people of Hindu religion worship Lord Ganesha before every auspicious work because he has the dignified position of the first worshipper. Gajamukh Ganesh is also called Vighnaharta and Sankat Mochan because of his blessings of wisdom, strength, knowledge and wisdom by removing all the troubles and obstacles of his devotees. Thus, according to the Hindu calendar, the Chaturthi date prescribed for the worship of Lord Ganesha comes twice in every month. Among these, the Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha which comes after full moon is called Sankashti Chaturthi and the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha which comes after Amavasya is known as Vinayaka Chaturthi.

According to classical belief, Sankashti Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Magha month is most important among all these Chaturthi Tithis. The word Sankashti is originally derived from Sanskrit language which means freedom from sufferings. In this way Sankashti Chaturthi means – Chaturthi to remove obstacles. Colloquially, this festival is also known as Sakat Chauth, Maghi Chaturthi and Tilchauth. It is celebrated with great reverence and enthusiasm in the northern and southern states.

Legend has it that Mother Parvati first fasted on Sankashti Chaturthi to wish her son Ganesha. Since then, this fast for the well-being of children is considered to be the beginning. Another belief is that Parvati Nandan Ganesh had helped the deities on this day and removed their troubles, then Lord Shiva was pleased and blessed them that whoever worships Ganesha on this date, all the troubles of his life. You will get away from the effect of this fast. Since then people started observing this fast. A folk tale related to Sakat Chauth is also very popular among the devotees.

In olden times a very poor and blind elderly woman lived with her son and daughter-in-law in a village. She was a great devotee of Ganesh ji and used to worship him regularly with reverence and devotion together with son and daughter-in-law. Once on the day of Sankashti Chaturthi of Magha, everyone was worshiping Ganesh ji; Pleased with his devotion, Ganesh ji appeared and said to the elderly woman – Mother! Ask for whatever you want. The woman said – I do not even know how to ask. How and what should I ask? Then Ganeshji said – Ask your daughter-in-law and ask for it. The son said – Mother! You ask for money The daughter-in-law said- ask for the grandson. The woman felt that they were talking about their own meaning. So he asked the neighbors.

The neighbors said- you should ask for the light of the eyes. Then after considering all the three sides, the woman said – If you are happy, then give me the illusion of nine crores, give me a healthy body, eyesight, give grandchildren and finally give salvation. Hearing this, then Ganesha said – Mother! You cheated us Still, whatever you have asked, you will get everything according to the promise. Saying hello, Ganeshji disappeared. Since then, taking inspiration from her life, women started fasting on Sankashti Chaturthi of Magh for the well being of their children.

On this day, women of Hindu religion worship Chauth Mata (Parvati) and Vighnaharta Ganesh with water, Akshat, Durva, Paan, betel nut by keeping a waterless fast with the wish of long life and happy life of their children. Since this time is of winter, so on this festival Ganesh ji is offered bhog prasad of sesame laddus instead of motichur and gram flour. The reason is that sesame is not only a food of hot tendency, it has also been given the name of Devan in the scriptures. In Vishnu, Padma and Brahmanda Puranas, sesame has been described as a great medicine and sesame donation is considered to be of great merit. Isn’t this a beautiful combination of religion and science behind this offering!

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