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Indian culture is an example for the whole world. Here food has been considered as Brahma for centuries. But today in the modern era, people are becoming so blind that instead of worshiping food, leaving food in the plate has started considering it as a fashion. Perhaps these people are not aware of those who die of hunger due to lack of food. Not only the government, but also social organizations are worried about the wastage of food. One-third of the food produced in the world every year, or about one billion and thirty million tonnes, is wasted. The amount of food wasted is enough to meet the food needs of two billion people.

According to a report by the World Food Organization, every seventh person in the world goes to bed hungry every day. In India this figure is constant for every fifth person. If this food wastage can be stopped then many people’s stomachs can be filled. Along with the society, the government needs to keep making people aware of food under the awareness campaign like ‘Save food, feed the hungry’, so that the country does not have to face any major starvation-like calamity in the coming times.
Shyam Mishra, University of Delhi

pakistan love


Pakistan’s love for Navjot Singh Sidhu, senior leader of Punjab Congress, flared up again. He called the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan as his elder brother. The world knows that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists. India-Pakistan relations are not good. Pakistan trained terrorists have been instrumental in killing thousands of innocent Kashmiris. Despite this, Sidhu has extended a hand of friendship by calling Imran his elder brother. They should act with patience.

Sidhu, who left the BJP and joined the Congress, brought the Congress to the edge of Partition. The Congress’s support base is already weak. The number of states in the country is with the Congress. In it, the arbitrariness of the leaders will sink again the loot of the Congress. Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has done the politics of estrangement in Punjab Congress, is not easy in the upcoming assembly elections. On whose account the Congress got life in Punjab, they were expelled. There are no politicians to draw votes. The people of the state trust the local leaders, not as much for Rahul and Priyanka, because they always have to be with them.

In Punjab, the Captain had saved the shame of the Congress. Navjot Singh Sidhu orders thumping clap from the political platform itself. While he knew that this is not Kapil Sharma’s show. After Sidhu’s tussle in the assembly, the equations of the Congress changed. Now it remains to be seen how much success is achieved in the attempt to get the Channi government to persecute again in Punjab.
Kantilal Mandot, Surat

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