Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 24th Nov written bhawani agrees ashwini for taking virat sai shopping

New Delhi: Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein (Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein) On 24th November, Wednesday, it was shown that Virat tells Sonali not to go if he does not want to go Diwali shopping with Sai and Ashwini. Bhavani says Ninaad has changed now. He no longer talks like a member of the Chavan family. Ninad agrees and says that Ashwini is the eldest daughter-in-law of the house and she takes full care of the traditions of the house.

It is shown in ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ that Sai says that Ninad has given her a list of items but if she wants, she can see the list and add some more items to it. Bhavani says she will make the list. Here, Mansi says that she can add more things to Sai’s list. Bhavani has tears in her eyes and says that she will decide what to put in the list. Bhavani says that Ninad and Omkar will go shopping. Ninad says that he has some urgent work. Bhavani says on this that nothing is important from her order.

Bhavani asks Ninad what is the reason he is breaking the rules of the house. Ninad asks Sai and Virat to go to his room. Ninad says that he is breaking the rules so that Bhavani’s dream of having a child with Sai and Virat is fulfilled. This is possible only if Sai and Virat go shopping or spend time together. On the other hand, Pakhi says why special treatment is being given. Sai says that she loves Diwali shopping but Bhavani will not let her go.

Ninad and Ashwini come to the room and say that Bhavani has agreed. Ashwini asks Sai to come down wearing a sari. Virat chooses pink saree for Sai. At the same time, Ninad asks Virat to wear a kurta. Virat and Ashwini reach the mall. Virat collides with a man wearing a mask.

After this, Virat tells Sai that he feels that he has met that person before. Sai says that it can happen and comes to take her inside the shop saying this. Now in the coming episodes, the information related to that person may come out.

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