Ghum hai kisike pyaar mein written update sai confess ashwini that he loves sai

New Delhi: In the latest episode of ‘Gum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 1st Nov written update’, it is shown that Ashwini is talking to Sai when she sprains her wrist. Sai scolds Ashwini for carelessness and lavishes her with a lot of love. Sai then sees Ashwini’s wedding album and compliments both of them. Ashwini tells him how Ninad used to write letters to him and used to take great care of him when he was in the army but time changed everything.

Sai sees the picture of a small child in the album and asks about it. Ashwini tells him that he is Virat. Sai tells Ashwini that she has got a very caring family. Saye asks Ashwini for permission to take the album to the room. Ashwini agrees but forbids Ninad to say anything. By then Ninad enters the room and Saye hides the album. Ninad is asked by Sai why he didn’t take a stand for Ashwini earlier. Ninad tells him that his behavior towards Sai has changed and he accepts as daughter-in-law but his behavior will not change for his wife.

Ashwini feels sad to hear this. At the same time, Sai notices that he has an anniversary in two days. Sai wants to strengthen the relationship of both of them in any case. Virat comes to Sai’s room to talk to her but Shivani also comes in the room by then and Virat tells her that she did not like the way Omkar talked to Sai. By then Sai comes in the room and hides the album and says that she was waiting in Virat’s room.

Shivani leaves from there calling both of them unromantic. At the same time, in the mood of fun, Virat scares Sai by saying lizard loudly in front of him. Sai jumps on her. Virat tells him that the lizard is in Mahabaleshwar. After this both of them start laughing.

Sai asks her what to do on the wedding anniversary of her parents. Virat gets serious and says rudely that he does not even want to wish them. On the other hand, Pakhi tells Vaishali on the phone that the whole house will be broken because of Sai. She also says that she wants to throw Sai out of the house but immediately disconnects the phone as Samrat is listening to her.

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