Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 17th jan written update sai thinks sahas is shruti and virat son

New Delhi: ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th Jan written update’ on Monday, January 17, was shown where Sai thinks that Sahas is the child of Virat and Shruti. Pulkit manages Sai and says that he cannot perform surgery on the woman who has ruined Sai’s married life. Sai says that Shruti has told her that she got married one and a half years ago. Pulkit says that it means Virat married Shruti before marrying Sai.

Virat-Sai relationship in danger
Sai tells Pulkit that it is pointless to discuss all this. Here, Shruti asks Virat if Sai is his wife to which Virat answers yes. Shruti gets worried that Virat’s marriage is in danger because of her. She asks for Sai’s number from Virat so that she can explain everything to him from the beginning. Virat says that Sai has already left the house. Sai reminds Pulkit of his oath that all patients will be treated equally. She asks Shruti to do the operation.

Pulkit refuses to do so and says that he will pass the case to someone else and it is not illegal. He tries to tell everything by calling Samrat but Sai stops him. Sai does not want the Chavan family to know about Virat or his child. Shruti tells Virat that now she can take responsibility for herself and her child, so now she should not worry about them. Shruti wonders how much Virat has done just to fulfill the promise made to his friend.

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Shruti gets sad thinking of herself as the other woman in Sai’s life. She wishes to die during the surgery, but Virat manages her. Virat says that there was always mistrust between him and Sai’s relationship. He says that Sai never trusted him.

Virat says that Sai always felt that her husband could cheat on her. Virat cries and thinks that his relationship with Sai will never be the same.

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