Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 20th dec written update saiis tensed regarding virat

New Delhi: ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein’ (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Latest Update) was shown on Monday, December 20, when Mohit notices that Sai is crying while eating fruits. He asks Sai if he is fine? Sai says she is fine. Mohit also asks her why is she fasting? Sai replies that she was doing it but now she has broken the fast because it doesn’t matter to whom she was fasting.

Sai asks Mohit is he fine and how was his audition? Mohit gives him the good news that he has got the role. Sai says that she is excited to see Mohit on screen. At the same time, Mohit asks Sai why is she looking so upset? Sai tells that Virat is not talking to her properly. Gives him strange answers. He remembers that he saw Virat with Shruti and asked him to ask the right question when asked.

Sai says that no one is talking to her since Virat’s mission. He says that the mission is going on now and does not know who is Shruti and why is helping her. Mohit asks her if she thinks Virat is hiding something? She says that she feels that way. After this Omkar comes and asks why Virat left so soon? Sai says that she should ask this question to Virat because she is fed up with questions.

Onkar shouts that she always misbehaves with him. Ashwini asks Sai if she is upset because of the result of the exam. Sai tells that she doesn’t know him and is not worried because his life is completely messed up. Commenting on Pakhi Sai says that she should clearly tell that she is worried about Virat and not the result. Ashwini tries to pacify Sai. Bhavani asks Sai to go to the temple for the result.

Sai also tells Bhavani that God does not wait for her to go to the temple. Ashwin asks Sai to calm down again and go to college to see the results. Till then Virat comes there. Pakhi asks him where was he? Everyone was worried about him. Virat tells that he had got a call from Pulkit so he went to college.

Pulkit also tells that it was necessary to tell him about the result. Onkar taunts that Sai’s results are so bad that the college management had to call. Sai starts crying that she has failed in both her personal life and college exams. But Pulkit tells that he has got good marks.

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