Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th Jan written update sai decided to leave virat

‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th Jan written update’ was shown on Tuesday, January 04, as Virat warns everyone that no one should utter a wrong word against Shruti. Sai says that she is proud of her actions and not feeling guilty. Bhavani says that she has tarnished the honor of her uncle. Virat thinks that he cannot share anything about Shruti as it may endanger his life.

The emperor gives the example of many women whose husbands do not live in the world or are living abroad, but they do not start asserting the husbands of others. While there, Pakhi taunts Virat that maybe he has known Shruti for a long time. Virat angrily says that he is not responsible for changing everyone’s views. Virat says that Shruti was in very bad condition so I had to introduce her as Shruti Chavan in the hotel.

Virat says that this was the only way to keep him safe. But Sai says completely irrational. She says Virat is constantly making excuses. Virat tries to convince her but Sai pushes her and says you have lost the right to touch me. She says that she wants to leave the Chavan house and Virat requests everyone not to stop her from leaving. Ashwini is unable to stop her tears seeing all this.

On the other hand, Ninad says that he will stop Virat from meeting Shruti. Sai says that Virat is not a child to explain to him or he is afraid of scolding. She says that she will meet Shruti in some other hotel or in a different city or country. Virat tries to pacify Sai by shouting at her. The emperor asks him to lower his voice.

By the time Virat gets a call from the hospital that the condition of the child and mother remains critical. He starts leaving the house, everyone tries to stop him but he leaves for the hospital. Sai too gets shocked and keeps looking at Virat. Devi says that the day she gets Shruti, she will beat her. The nurse tells Virat to take care of the child and the mother. Shruti tells Virat that she has killed Sadanand so don’t try to touch the baby.

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