Gods and Goddesses should be chanted with these garlands, bad work can be done

God Worship: In the Puranas, different types of garlands have been told for each deity. So today we will tell you which garlands should be chanted.

Puja-Path Niyam: In the Puranas, the easiest and best way to please your beloved is to chant the rosary. But the garlands are not of 1 or 2 types, but of many types, through which God is invoked. In the Puranas, different types of garlands have been told for each deity. So today we will tell you which garlands should be chanted.

Ganesha: Lord Shri Ganesh and Devguru Brihaspati are soon pleased by chanting with turmeric garland. This rosary is specially chanted for the attainment of children and knowledge. To invoke Kali, a garland of black turmeric or blue lotus is to be used. Chanting Maa Baglamukhi with a garland of turmeric brings her quick blessings.

Shiv: Rudraksha which is considered to be a part of Lord Shiva. With this, by chanting Shiva, one’s wishes can easily be fulfilled. If you want to please God, then chant the mantras of Shiva with Rudraksh garland.

Mother Amba: To worship Maa Amba, chanting with a garland of crystals is considered auspicious. With the effect of this garland, no negative energy comes near and success is achieved in every field.

Maa Durga: Worship of Durga Maa Red colored sandalwood garland, which is called Rakt Chandan Mala; Should do it. Sandalwood applied on the forehead in the form of prasad gives coolness to both the mind and the body and gives divine grace. In the sadhana of Shakti, chanting of the mantra of Lord Krishna is done with a garland of white sandalwood. Chanting the mantra of this rosary fulfills the wishes very quickly.

Sun god: Mantras of Lord Suryadev are chanted with a garland of ruby ​​or bel wood. It removes all types of Pitra Dosh and planetary pains.

Laxmi: Chanting of Lakshmi Mantra should always be done with a lotus garland. If Mahalakshmi’s mantras are chanted with this garland, then wealth, splendor and opulence are attained. At the same time, the mantra of Lord Vishnu should be chanted with a garland of Tulsi and sandalwood.

Saraswati: Sphatik garland is specially used in worship of Goddess Saraswati. Sphatik garland provides both wealth and strength of mind. The mind of the person wearing this garland remains calm. Due to the effect of this rosary, no negative energy can get thrown from him.

Moon: For the peace of the moon, the mantra you are chanting should be chanted with a garland of pearls. Chandradev and Shiva are worshiped with this garland. One who wears a garland of pearls, conch shells or oysters gets all kinds of benefits in the world.


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