Good News: Flying-car company PAL-V Liberty |  now fly in the sky
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Good News: Flying-car company PAL-V Liberty | now fly in the sky

Flying Car (Photo Credits-@PALVflyingcarNH)

New Delhi: Good news is coming for the car lovers. Want to tell that the dream of flying car in the world can now come true soon. By the way, there are many automakers in the world who are working on flying cars. But till now no flying car model has come in the market. As this car is being called flying, it is necessary to have a pilot’s license to fly it.

There is news that soon the world can get the first flying car. The name of this car will be PAL-V Liberty. Which is manufactured by Dutch company PAL-V. This will be the first car in the world that will fly. It is being said that its production will be started from next year i.e. 2022. The government has given the green signal to use this car on the roads in Europe.

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It is worth mentioning that the Pal-V Liberty has also gone through a European road test and has passed it with great ease. This is the reason that now it is just waiting to be launched in the market. It is allowed to drive on the roads with an official license plate. The company first flew a prototype of this car in the year 2012. Since then its testing is going on.

Keep in mind that two people can travel in this car at a time. Also, dual engines have been used in it. The company says that its top speed is 160 kmph. Also, in less than nine seconds, this car will reach the speed of zero to 100 kilometers.

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