Gulshan Grover debut on OTT with Your Honor 2 web series exclusive interview with India tv-Exclusive: Gulshan Grover doing OTT debut with Your Honor 2 web series, said on adult scenes – ‘Don’t like dirt

Image Source : INDIA TV
Gulshan Grover debut on OTT


  • Gulshan Grover to make OTT debut with Your Honor 2
  • Many revelations made in an exclusive conversation with India TV

Gulshan Grover, known as the ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood, is going to make his OTT debut. The name of this web series is ‘Your Honor 2’. The actor told that this web series is very special for him because after many offers he chose this web series. Gulshan Grover had a special conversation with India TV and explained the reason for choosing this web series for debut.

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Gulshan Grover said in an exclusive conversation with India TV- ‘This story is of a father. He wants to save his child who is stuck in trouble. It connects a lot. No matter who a father is, he wants to do the best for his children. I am also a father, so I understand this feeling very well.

The actor further said- ‘People liked the first season and Jimmy Shergill a lot. My character’s name is Gurjot Pannu. This character has been brought in season 2. Jimmy Shergill, who plays father in the series, will be in trouble as soon as my character comes.

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Gulshan Grover was asked by India TV that OTT does not have that much censorship. So do you think that many times abuses and adult scenes are forcefully put in web series. Responding to this question, Gulshan Grover said- ‘I cannot say this because I have not seen much OTT. Will start watching properly after ‘Your Honor 2’. Whatever films I have done or whatever roles I have played, I do not like any kind of dirt. It is not related to OTT but also to films. It should be something that can be seen with the family.

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