Hema Malini reacts on Minister statement comparing road of his constituency to actress cheeks ps

Mumbai: Veteran actress and BJP MP Hema Malini has expressed displeasure over the statement of Maharashtra Minister Gulabrao Patil. Maharashtra’s Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Gulabrao Patil compared Hema Malini’s cheeks to the streets, which created a ruckus. The State Women’s Commission had spoken of strict legal action on the statement of the minister, after which Gulabrao Patil apologized for his statement. At the same time, now Hema Malini has also reacted to this objectionable remark made on herself.

Hema Malini said in a conversation with ANI that Lalu ji had started this trend a few years ago. This is the reason why now everyone is using it. At the same time, he also expressed concern over the fact that not ordinary people but members of Parliament are making such statements.

On comparing Maharashtra Minister Gulabrao Patil’s roads to Hema Malini’s cheeks, Hema Malini said- ‘He must have felt something like that… Actually, this trend was started by Lalu ji a few years ago, so everyone used it. If ordinary people say like this then it is understandable. But, if the members of Parliament say so, then it is not right.

At the same time, when Hema Malini was asked whether she would not ask him to apologize for this statement of Gulabrao Patil, she said that ‘I do not care about all these things.’ However, on the complaint of the Women’s Commission, Minister Gulabrao Patil has already apologized for his statement.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, Maharashtra minister and senior Shiv Sena leader Gulabrao Patil recently compared Hema Malini’s cheeks to the streets during an election meeting and a controversy arose over her statement. Gulabrao made this controversial remark in an election meeting for Bodhwad Nagar Panchayat elections in Jalgaon district. During this election meeting, Gulabrao Patil said- ‘Those who have been MLAs for 30 years, they should come to my assembly constituency and see the roads. If they are not like Hema Malini’s cheeks, then I will resign.

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