Hope outgoing Air India mgmt ensures staff arrear payment before Tata handover says IPG

Photo: PTI

Air India employees expected to pay dues

New Delhi. The Indian Pilots Guild (IPG), one of Air India’s pilot unions, has expressed hope that the current management will ensure that the dues of employees are properly settled before the airline’s new owner goes to Tata Sons. will be taken. In a letter to the CMD of Air India, the Guild told Ravinar that it was “optimistic” about making a fresh start with the new owners of the airline. The letter also urged the existing management not to “exploit” the employees. The Guild said that exploitation could lead to mass protests and industrial unrest.

According to the IPG, a monthly Layover Subsistence Allowance (LSA) was provided for the captain and co-pilots under the 2006 wage settlement. Over the years 25 per cent of this amount was withheld, which is still outstanding. In addition, the overtime payment under this wage agreement has also been withheld for a long time, the Guild said. Also, in 2012, 25 per cent pay cut was imposed on all employees in a wrong and unilateral manner.

Late last month, the central government signed an agreement to sell Air India to Tata Sons for Rs 18,000 crore. As on August 31 this year, Air India had a total debt of Rs 61,562 crore. Under the deal, 75 per cent of this debt or Rs 46,262 crore will be transferred to a special entity Air India Asset Holdings Pvt Ltd. AIAHL) will be transferred. Only then will the Tata group be given control of the loss-making airline. Tata will not be allowed to retain control of Air India’s non-core assets such as Vasant Vihar Housing Colony in Delhi, Air India Building at Nariman Point in Mumbai and Air India Building in New Delhi. Of the 141 Air India aircraft that Tata receives, 42 are leased aircraft while the rest 99 are Air India’s own aircraft. ”

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