If you were born on this date, then 2022 can be auspicious for you, yoga is being made for increasing wealth.

According to numerology, you will be able to get money through many mediums this year. You may also get a new job this year.

Numerology 2022: According to numerology, New Year 2022 will prove to be auspicious for those with Radix 6. The ruling planet of Radix 6 is Venus. Let us tell that the people who are born on 6th, 15th and 24th of any month, their radix will be 6. There are chances of tremendous progress in the career of these people. There may be some ups and downs in love relations, but this new year is going to prove to be lucky in career and financially.

Can get new job:

There will be many opportunities to get job benefits this year. There will be full support of family members. People with jobs will get strength in work. There are strong chances of promotion. Business people will also get progress in this new year. This year will prove to be the best for you. Will expand business. There is also a possibility of getting vehicle and house happiness. If you are doing business related to Venus, then there will definitely be profit.

Know how your married life will be:

There may be some challenges in love life. There may be a dispute with the partner over some issue. But the fights and disputes will also be settled immediately. Married people will have to stay away from arguments. Spouse will get full support in career. Those people who are single can have a special person in their love life. This year you will be seen planning to travel with your life partner. (Also read) – Guru Gochar 2022: In the new year, these 3 zodiac signs will get the blessings of Jupiter, luck may shine

Students will get new opportunities:

This year will also prove to be better for the students studying. Those who are preparing for government jobs can get good results. But they also need to pay full attention to their target as some hurdles are visible in the month of July and August.

health point:

This year is going to be moderate for you in terms of health. Minor ailments can bother you. You may be troubled by chest, stomach and throat problems in the middle of the year. (Also read)- At the end of 2021, the planet Venus will transit in Sagittarius, there are strong chances of promotion and salary increase for these 4 zodiac signs in 2022.


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