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India vs England test series: Jos Buttler may return to England squad for 5th test |IND vs ENG: Increased threat to Team India! This Englishman’s return to the team in the fifth test

New Delhi: A five match test series is being played between India and England. The last day of the fourth match of this series will end today. After which both the teams will meet in the fifth test in Manchester. But just before the fifth test, a bad news has come out for the Indian team. Actually, a dangerous player from England has joined his team back.

This player will come back in England’s team

England wicket-keeper batsman Jos Buttler may join the England squad for the fifth and final Test against India in Manchester. Butler was ruled out of the fourth Test due to the birth of his second child. He played the first three matches against India. If Butler returns, then problems can increase for India, because Butler can snatch the match from the hands of any team by batting a quick innings.

Joe Root signs back

England Test captain Joe Root said Buttler’s career in the longer format is far from over and he is an important member of the team. Root said in the virtual press conference, ‘I do not see that Butler’s Test career is coming to an end. I see a player in him who is ready to do well in Tests. He loves Test cricket and he is a big part of our team. Whenever he is available to play, it will be good for us.

Team India got a lead of 387 runs

In the second innings of Team India, apart from Team Rohit Pujara, Kohli also contributed 44 runs. After which Shardul Thakur and Pant took the innings and made a century partnership. Shardul Thakur scored 60 runs while Pant scored 50 runs. Due to which Team India took a lead of 387 runs. England has started the innings. England have scored 77 runs for no loss till the end of the fourth day’s play. England will have to score 291 runs on the last day, while the Indian bowlers need 10 wickets.

1-1 draw series

The 5-match series between Team India and England is currently tied at 1-1. The first match of this series was a draw due to rain. After which India defeated England in the second Test played at Lord’s. However, in the third Test, England came back and won the match in a one-sided fashion and the series was tied at 1-1. Now both the teams are trying to take the lead in the fourth Test.


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//$(‘html head’).find(‘title’).text(“main” + nxtTitle)
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gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-2069755-1’, ‘page_path’: cu_url })

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autoLoad: false,
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circle $(‘.center-section’).find(‘#green-halo’)
myTimer $(‘.center-section’).find(‘#myTimer’)
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Inverval setInterval(function ()
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अगली खबर

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var instagram_scriptdocument.createElement(‘script’)

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$(rhs).appendTo(‘.main-article &gt .row &gt div.main-rhs’ + x) */


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var insta $(“div.field-name-body”).find(‘blockquote[class^”instagram”]’).length
if(twit0)twit ($(“div.field-name-body”).find(‘twitterwidget[class^”twitter”]’).length)}
if (typeof (twttr) ! ‘undefined’)

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$(‘.content &gt .left-block:last’).after(instagram_script)
}, 1500)
var url $(next_selector).attr(‘href’)
disqus_identifier”ZNH” + x
disqus_url url
history.pushState(” ,”, url)
//loadDisqus(jQuery(this), disqus_identifier, disqus_url)
}, 6000)

/*$(“button[id^’mf’]”).live(“click”, disqusToggle)
function disqusToggle()
console.log(“Main id: ” + $(this).attr(‘id’))

var title, imageUrl, description, author, shortName, identifier, timestamp, summary, newsID, nextnews
var previousScroll 0
//console.log(“prevLoc” + prevLoc)
var last $(auto_selector).filter(‘:last’)
var lastHeight last.offset().top
//st $(layout).scrollTop()
//console.log(“st:” + st)
var currentScroll $(this).scrollTop()
if (currentScroll &gt previousScroll)
_up false
} else
_up true
previousScroll currentScroll
//console.log(“_up” + _up)

var cutoff $(window).scrollTop() + 64
//console.log(cutoff + “**”)
//console.log(“article” + $(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(“id”) + $(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(‘data-url’))
if($(this).offset().top + $(this).height() &gt cutoff)
//console.log(“$$” + $(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(‘data-url’))
if(prevLoc ! $(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(‘data-url’))
prevLoc $(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(‘data-url’)
$(‘html head’).find(‘title’).text($(this).children().find(‘.left-block’).attr(‘data-title’))

//history.pushState(” ,”, prevLoc)
return false // stops the iteration after the first one on screen
if(lastHeight + last.height() &lt $(document).scrollTop() + $(window).height())
url $(next_selector).attr(&#039href&#039)
////console.log(&quotx:&quot + x)

//loadDisqus(jQuery(this), disqus_identifier, disqus_url)
}, 6000)*/
//lastoff last.offset()
//console.log(&quot**&quot + lastoff + &quot**&quot)
//$( &quot.content-area&quot ).click(function(event)
// console.log(

/*$( &quot.comment-button&quot ).live(&quotclick&quot, disqusToggle)
function disqusToggle()
var id $(this).attr(&quotid&quot)
$(&quot#disqus_thread1&quot + id).toggle()
var prev_content_height $(content_selector).height()
var layout $(content_selector)
var st 0




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