IPL 2021: Big setback for Rajasthan Royals, Liam Livingstone severely injured, likely to miss 2nd Leg in UAE | IPL 2021: Another big blow to Rajasthan Royals, this stormy batsman badly injured

New Delhi: The troubles of Rajasthan Royals are not taking the name of lessening. Another player of this team may be out of the second phase of IPL 2021, because he has suffered a serious injury on Monday.

Livingstone badly injured

England’s stormy batsman Liam Livingstone was badly injured during the Division One match of the County Championship and started moaning in pain.

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accident near boundary

In the match between Lancashire and Warwickshire, Liam Livingstone ran fast towards the boundary during the fielding and got injured while trying to stop the boundary.

another brilliant bit of physical comedy from liam livingstone here pic.twitter.com/MY8s821S17

— krusty wants out (@charmada) August 30, 2021

suspected shoulder fracture

Giving information about this, the Lancashire team wrote on their Twitter. ‘It looks like Liam Livingstone has broken his shoulder while trying to stop the boundary by diving. He has gone off the field and has been replaced by Richard Gleeson.

More Red Rose injury woe as Liam Livingstone appears to have damaged a shoulder diving to stop a boundary. He’s gone off the field and is replaced by Richard Gleeson.

— Lancashire Cricket (@lancscricket) August 30, 2021

Livingstone hard to play

In such a situation, Liam Livingstone is finding it difficult to play IPL 2021. This is a major setback for Rajasthan Royals as Liam was in good form and could have done well in the UAE.

Shock to Rajasthan one after the other

Many English players of Rajasthan Royals (RR) have already withdrawn their names from the second phase of IPL 2021. This includes the names of Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer.



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