Jacqueline fernandez women superhero film produced by conman sukesh chandrashekhar

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Sukesh Chandrashekhar Deal is constantly making headlines for the case of thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. New information is coming out in the matter every day. Apart from giving his expensive gift, Sukesh had also promised to produce many of Jacqueline’s films. Thug Sukesh had reportedly told Jacqueline that he would produce a three-part female superhero project worth Rs 500 crore in which Jacqueline would be in the lead role.

According to a recent report in India Today, a source says that Sukesh was well aware that Jacqueline was looking for work in Bollywood. She was not signing any more films and Sukesh laid his trap to woo Jacqueline even more. In one such conversation, Sukesh promised Jacqueline that he will co-produce India’s first female superhero project with her which will include Hollywood VFX actors.

Jacqueline’s lead role in the film Woman Superhero

As per the report, “This project will be shot internationally. He told Jacqueline that she is similar to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and she deserves a superhero series with a lead role. The source said that Jacqueline spoke to Sukesh very little about it but was partially convinced. Sukesh had a very good knowledge of the film industry and knew everything about the film budget, production. Sukesh told the names of big people associated with the industry to persuade Jacqueline.

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Sukesh transfers money to Jacqueline’s sister

Meanwhile, during the interrogation of thug Sukesh, the ED has made another allegation on Jacqueline. He says that he transferred money to the sister of Jacqueline Fernandez Sister Geraldine living in America. But Jacqueline has not told the truth about this to the ED in her submission.

So many million dollars given to Jacqueline’s sister

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, arrested on charges of money laundering of Rs 200 crore, told the ED during interrogation that he transferred $ 1 lakh 80 thousand to Geraldine, Jacqueline’s sister living in America, while Jacqueline claimed $1 lakh 50 thousand. Was. The tapes and audio clips of Chandrashekhar’s interrogation by the ED are now accessed by News18.

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