Ravivari story Ravivari special article on Spirituality

Ravivari story Ravivari special article on Spirituality

If civilization and modernity are in the late stage of their development, then spirituality cannot remain covered with the old eternal sheet. The new spirituality is emerging not against materialism but with a coexistence interpretation with it. The ground for this interpretation was prepared by the sages and sages who preached abroad from India. He told that without sacrificing materiality, one can go on the path of faith and spirituality. It was said that there is no need to see materiality and spirituality separately in life. Spirituality was associated more with joy than with knowledge. Such examples were given to explain that the physical side of life is rice and the spiritual side is sugar. The sweetness of spirituality makes kheer sweet. Spiritual understanding brings sweetness to life. It is clear that materiality and its attractiveness were covered with that sheet which can tell enjoyment as bliss and say that bliss is the celebration of life. Recalling Osho’s discourses, he does many such things in a very logical manner.

Many other such philosophical gurus and writers also came forward, who do not set the example of mythology to speak their point, but take imaginary-real context from the modern materialistic environment. For example, you look at this incident – ​​once a movie was being shown on TV. Some people were staring at it. He was neither hungry nor thirsty. They were also ignorant of their surroundings. Seeing the scenes of the film, sometimes tears would come in his eyes, and sometimes he used to applaud after being happy. He didn’t have to make any effort to be happy. In the interpretation of this episode, it is cleverly added that happiness is not something that can be found in a shop somewhere. It is within us, which can be found even without effort. The day a person finds the source of being blissful, that day he will also attain true spirituality.

Then, in support of logic and explanation, the names and aphorisms that have been accepted for generations have been at the center of our faith. In order to feel the warmth of bliss by covering the quilt of materiality, this line of Kabir was repeated many times – ‘Kasturi kundal settled deer khode van mahi….’ There is musk inside the deer, but its fragrance seems to come from outside and he searches for it in the forest. Without placing any damnation on the reality of the objective life, if it is only added separately that the real pleasure is not in anything but within us, then this does not give moral support to its earlier explanation.


Significantly, Mahatma Gandhi, who warned against the dangers of materialistic civilization and its development, repeatedly talks about the purity of the means and the end. To live up to this insistence on chastity, they put forth the criterion of being restrained and frugal. In the new interpretations of spirituality in the name of bliss, the insistence on means and purity is completely absent. This insistence on correctness does not seem characteristically necessary to the interpreters themselves, nor do they make any insistence for it in front of their devotees.

In the early decades of the twentieth century, books by authors such as Sweat Marden sold record copies of such logical interpretations of joy and success, composing the synergy of spirituality and materiality. Marden’s fellow author is Napoleon Hill. The world of these two is wonderful. If there is no elemental understanding of spirituality, then it is almost impossible to get out of the hypnosis of their words and meanings. Marden knew that materialistic indulgences lead to increased anxiety and tension in life. But he makes a clever argument, ‘Anxiety has never accomplished anything till date.’ It’s an idea that’s hard to disagree with. But if the question is asked in reverse, whether the concern is about the problems caused by everyday life or about the meaning of life. Here Marden is either silent or this question is unnecessary for him.

Hill simply saw success and affluence together and earned a great reputation by serving this common attraction as a thread of thought. Today, people are grooving to the song ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’ by putting forward thoughts like him, and somewhere five-star camps of ‘Heal and Happiness’ are going on. What is to be seen and understood here is that along with materialism, the world has not only competed for new dreams and Kuberi success, but along with it a capitalist mold of thought and ideal has also been prepared. In such a situation, if a sage-saint gives you the realization of lust and truth, in the blink of an eye in a pleasant air-conditioned environment, then happiness will come.


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