Kapil Sharma share promo of Netflix comedy special titled Kapil Sharma I am Not Done Yet streaming on January 28 ss

Kapil Sharma has brought a good news for the fans on the new year for the fans. Last year Kapil was about to do something new. For which the fans were waiting for a long time. Now ending the fans wait, Kapil has announced his new journey. Kapil Sharma is now all set to debut on OTT. Kapil is coming up with his first standup comedy, which is going to stream on Netflix from January 28.

Kapil Sharma ready for OTT with Full On Masti
Kapil Sharma has shared this good news with fans on social media a while back. He has shared a video on his Instagram account, in which he is seen giving information about his first standup comedy on OTT and having full on fun. Talking about the video that Kapil has shared, the comedian is saying this – Hello, I am Kapil Sharma and I am from Amritsar. I am tired of my english. Thanks…

‘If you are from Punjab, it is good to laugh and joke’
Further Kapil says that I have said this in the show as well. I am in this industry for 25 years and working on TV for 15 years. In the video, Kapil is seen saying whether this camera is not good. Are you shooting from the phone too? I never took comedy seriously because we were always joking. It is in our nature, we are from Punjab, so it is good to laugh and joke. Never thought that even this thing gets money.

It contains my story: Kapil Sharma
He further said that an artist always gets a voice from inside that I have not finished yet and I have to do something else, but where to do that. So Netflix attracted me a lot. The sound that comes as soon as it starts, I find it very funny. This is a platform that is seen in about 190 countries. All of them said that we are very excited to hear your story. I said really. You can say it has my story, but in my style. I have also sung a song in this, but the song is also completely different. The most important thing is that it is in English. There are many things in this that have never happened before.

Kapil said- ‘See you on January 28’
While sharing the video, Kapil wrote in the caption- See you on your Netflix screen on January 28 with ‘Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet’.

Fans are asking questions with congratulations
After this post on social media, fans are now waiting for January 28. Fans are congratulating him for his OTT debut. At the same time, some people are also worried and they are asking what will happen to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ now.

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