Karan johar find a man for parineeti chopra during hunarbaj show

New Delhi: Karan Johar is considered to be the best match maker of Bollywood. Even many times she said that she is lucky enough to have couples. Now Karan Johar is ready to get Parineeti Chopra married and find a groom for her. Actually, when Karan Johar was praising himself as a matchmaker in Colors show Hunarbaaz, Parineeti Chopra asked him why he had not got him married till now.

Karan’s Prediction
After this, Karan Johar predicted that he too would get married this year. Now, as soon as Karan Johar said this, the market of discussions got heated whether Parineeti Chopra is really going to get married this year. Because sometimes Karan Johar speaks the truth in a joking manner. In such a situation, the fans of Parineeti Chopra are also saying that the actress may get married this year.

Karan made a promise
Actually, a good boy was being searched for Parineeti in the show Hunarbaaz. Then, while praising himself, Karan Johar said that how lucky he is for the couples. On this, Parineeti Chopra said that why not find her partner till now. On this, Karan Johar promised Parineeti and said, ‘You will also be done this year, for sure’. After this, the host of the show, Harsh introduces Parineeti to a contestant and says that at least one chance should be given.

Finally made ‘Mrs Roshan’
The funny moment in the show comes when Karan Johar actually does match making for her. Actually, a contestant on the show reveals his name as Rakesh Roshan, on which Karan teases Parineeti again, asking her, how did Mrs Roshan feel? Your connection has been made with Rakesh ji. Parineeti Chopra was seen having a lot of fun in all this.

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