Kbc 13 amitabh bachchan blushes on love marriage with jaya bachchan an

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan) would have rarely been seen shyly by his fans, but ‘KBC 13’ has given this opportunity to the fans as well. Big B was seen blushing in the latest episode of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’. While talking to a contestant about arranged marriage, Amitabh recalled his love marriage with Jaya Bachchan. The actor had a love marriage with Jaya Bachchan about 48 years ago.

In Thursday’s episode of the show ‘KBC 13’, Shivshankar Devgan, who came from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, got a chance to sit on the hot seat, who is a businessman by profession. During the Big B show, Shivshankar was seen asking questions about his bonding with his wife. They were asking him about his marriage. Shivshankar told how he met his wife and then how their marriage was arranged.

Amitabh looked somewhat curious and asked the contestants to explain the difference between arranged marriage and love marriage. Shivshankar said that women usually wear a veil in arranged marriages. Couples keep some distance from each other, but their marriage is still cool.

Shivshankar says that people often believe that they did love marriage. On this, Amitabh remembers his marriage with Jaya. He says, ‘Look, we don’t know what an arranged marriage happens to be…’ After this Big B wanted to say something else, but gets shy and the talk remains incomplete. He shyly hides his face, seeing which the studio audience starts laughing.

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Amitabh finally says, taking some restraint, ‘Kya hai sir, we are talking from experience…’ did. The actor had told through a social media post how he got married in short notice. He wrote in an Instagram post last year, ’47 years ago today on June 3, 1973, it was decided that if ‘Zanjeer’ is successful, we will go to London for the first time with some friends. My father asked who are you going with? When I told him with whom I am going, he said that you should marry him before leaving, otherwise you do not go. I accepted his point.’

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