Kumkum bhagya 22nd nov update sushma wants to prachi to take over business

New Delhi: In ‘Kumkum Bhagya 22nd Nov Update’, it was shown on 22 November that Ranbir and Prachi are not able to see each other even after being close to each other in the temple. Sushma goes to Pragya’s place and asks her why Prachi has become like this. She tells Pragya that Ranbir has sent her divorce papers. Sushma says that she wants Prachi to go to Ranbir’s house and reprimand Ranbir. It would be better than being sad yourself.

Saffron fortunate It is shown that Sushma comes to the idea that Prachi should be included in the family business so that her attention is diverted from Ranbir. She says that she will go so far with Prachi that even Ranbir’s memories will not touch her. Here, Ranbir and Prachi feel each other but cannot see. Ranbir tries to fix his car and leaves from there. Prachi also leaves from there. Prachi comes back home saddened and in tears.

On seeing him, Sushma tells him that Pragya used to look after his business earlier but due to circumstances, she had to name everything Prachi. She tells Prachi about Pragya’s dream project. She also says that she has many staff to work with. But according to Pragya’s daughter, Prachi should take over everything. Prachi agrees to take charge of the project.

Sushma tells him that they are going to leave soon and that he too should get ready with his belongings. Prachi finds it strange that she has not seen Ranbir for a month. She feels that she has moved away from Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi miss each other. Ranbir hurts himself while remembering Prachi. Riya comes to help and apply medicine on the injury. She understands that Ranbir is missing Prachi.

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