Kumkum bhagya 23rd nov update prachi joins business and faces sidharth

New Delhi: In Kumkum Bhagya 23rd Nov Update, it was shown on 23 November that Ranbir wants to know why Riya went to his room. She tells Ranbir how much she wants to help him. But, Ranbir tells him not to do the things that Prachi used to do for him. Here Sushma asks Prachi to adopt a new look as she is going to make a new beginning. Sushma tells Prachi to move on in life.

It is shown in Kumkum Bhagya that Pallavi tells Rhea to give Ranbir a chance to get out of Prachi’s infatuation now. Rhea tells that she wants Ranbir to get angry whenever he remembers Prachi. Riya says that she cannot give more time to Ranbir and wants her marriage to go ahead as soon as possible. Pallavi says that both will get married but not at the cost of Ranbir’s happiness. Riya has no choice but to obey Pallavi.

Rhea thinks that after marriage she will show Pallavi the way out of the house. Here, Prachi steps into the office in a different avatar. Sushma is happy to see Prachi confident. Prachi meets Siddharth in a meeting and she gets sad remembering the past. Prachi leaves from there. Ranbir also attends the same conference and Prachi comes running towards him. Ranbir extends his helping hand and Prachi holds his hand.

But in the next scene it is shown that Ranbir is helping a stranger girl and Prachi holds the hand of the unknown person. Prachi goes back to the hotel room and cries a lot. She says that she thought that she would easily remove Ranbir from her life but it is not easy for her to end this relationship. Ranbir also misses Prachi.

At the same time, Ranbir also loses his cool in the meeting. Sushma asks Prachi about her fear of appearing in front of Siddharth. Prachi says that she is afraid of repeating her past. But Sushma gives him the courage to stand up for his identity.

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