Kumkum bhagya written update pragya have no clue how she will bring abhi out of jail

New Delhi: In ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ (Kumkum Bhagya) it was shown on November 1 (Kumkum Bhagya 1st Nov Update) that Gaurav makes fun of Pragya after reaching the police station. Pragya asks him why he is not giving the video. Gaurav claims that he will take revenge on Abhi. Pragya challenges him that she will go to any extent to save her husband. Gaurav is shocked to see this. Here, Pragya meets Santosh Jain to get some documents. Pragya goes to the police station and talks about letting the police meet Abhi. When Pragya meets Abhi, Abhi sobs and says that he will be punished for killing 6 people as he does not have evidence to prove his innocence.

The police officer comes to take Abhi to the court. During this, Abhi tells Pragya that he will never go against Pragya and he loves Pragya very much. When Abhi sees Santosh Jain’s picture, he says that he is not confident but he saw this person on the construction site. Gaurav calls up Pragya and Pragya predicts for Gaurav that now playing the game will be more fun.

Prachi wakes up late in the morning the next day. Ranbir makes her breakfast and asks her to eat before leaving. Prachi feels lucky to have Ranbir. Both confess love for each other. Till then Sid reaches their room with Sheera. Ranbir asks her when did she come to do all this? Here, Riya reaches there and tries to provoke Ranbir against Sid.

Here, Abhi is brought to the court. Tanu and Alia are waiting for Gaurav and Gaurav who comes and starts searching for Pragya where is she? The Public Prosecutor initiates the proceedings of the Court. Subhash falls in front of the judge in the dock. The lawyer asks Abhi if he has any evidence to prove his innocence.

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