Kundali Bhagya 21st dec update preeta gets shocked seeing rakhi get tortured by prithvi

On December 21, in ‘Kundali Bhagya’ (Kundali Bhagya 21st December Update), it was shown that Sherlyn stops Prithvi and asks him to control his anger. Prithvi says that he should have troubled everyone more as the wound received by the Luthra family acts as an ointment for him. Prithvi does not want to leave the Luthras under any circumstances. He says that he will always keep the Luthra family under control.

It is shown in ‘Kundali Bhagya’ that after being beaten by Prithvi, Kritika takes Rakhi to the doctor. Rakhi tells Kritika not to tell the doctor about the injury. Kritika tells him not to worry and she also says that she will not tell anyone that Prithvi tortures her. Preeta overhears Kritika and Rakhi’s words here. She sees him in the hospital and hides from him to know the whole thing. Preeta gets emotional after hearing the story of Prithvi’s torture.

Preeta is shocked to know the truth about Prithvi. She decides that she will go back home and teach Prithvi a lesson. On the other hand, Sherlyn sees that Karan is drinking. She asks Natasha to get Karan’s attention. Natasha tells Sherlyn to leave them alone in the room. Natasha asks Karan if he is under stress. She treats Karan like a good friend. Natasha tries her best to get Karan’s attention and woo.

Natasha tells Sherlyn that no other girl will come in Karan’s life anymore. Sherlyn wonders if Natasha will really be able to find a place in Karan’s life. Here, Preeta misses Rakhi. She remembers his words again and again that how she was talking about hiding her hurt. Rakhi also misses Preeta here. She wants to meet Preeta once and wants to see if she too was missing him.

At the same time, after remembering the past, she decides not to meet Preeta. Preeta also remembers what the Luthra family did to her. Rakhi has nightmares about Preeta. She gets up and starts crying. She says that Preeta is bad.

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