Kundali bhagya 4th jan update preeta makes new rules for house

In ‘Kundali Bhagya 4th Jan Update’ it is shown on Tuesday, 04 January that Preeta says that she will be more alert now as she cannot let anyone else know that she has come back with good intentions. Girish is sleeping there and hears everything. He promises Preeta that he will keep this matter a secret. Prithvi sits down to have breakfast and the rest of the family members stand there. Preeta asks why everyone is standing and why no one has breakfast?

Rakhi tells Preeta that Prithvi eats first and then the whole family eats. At the same time, the staff of the house tell that Sherlyn and Natasha wake up late. Preeta calls all the family members for a family meeting and snatches Prithvi’s plate. She says that Prithvi does not have a king and she will make new rules for the house. While Sameer is happy to see Prithvi being insulted, Kareena calls it a drama. Here, Karan’s hangover ends and wakes up.

Karan realizes that he has expressed his love for Preeta while intoxicated. In the family meeting, Preeta makes three new rules. She makes food rules and wants everyone to follow them. Also she asks everyone to eat together. She instructs Sherlyn and Natasha to wake up early. Karan agrees to meet Preeta but Kareena tells him that his wife’s attitude will break his heart. Bani tries to convince him that Preeta has come because of property and money. Kritika says that Preeta is treating them like servants.

Karan prepares to meet Preeta. Here, Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she is fed up with Preeta’s rules. Both soon decide to do something but Kareena interrupts both of them and says that if given the option, she will have to choose between Preeta and Prithvi, then she will choose Prithvi.

Preeta picks up the fallen rose in the balcony and puts it back in the pot. By then, Karan comes there and Preeta saves him from falling. Karan thinks that Preeta is giving him a rose but she keeps the rose. Both hug each other.

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